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  • .22 Adapter for .40 and .45 cal. rifles
    $200.00 .22 Adapter for .40 and .45 cal. rifles
    DUE TO NEW RESTRICTIONS BY US CUSTOMS, WE ARE NO LONGER ABLE TO SHIP THESE ADAPTERS OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES. An adapter to allow you to fire .22 rimfire ammunition in most .40 and .45 caliber single shot rifles. ...

  • Lube Extruder Adapter .45 caliber
    $25.00 Lube Extruder Adapter .45 caliber
    This little device fits into a 45 caliber sizing die on your lubrisizer. It turns the lubrisizer into a lube ribbon extruder.  All you do is turn the handle on your luber, and a ribbon of lubricant comes out the...

  • Rear Barrel Level
    $55.00 Choose Options Rear Barrel Level
    Rear barrel bubble level available in .375", .475", and .500" dovetail sizes.  Select needed size above.   An economical level to fill the dovetail left behind when you remove the rear barrel sight on a rifle...

  • Toggle Links for 1873 Winchester
    $140.00 Toggle Links for 1873 Winchester
    Toggle links for 1873 Winchester (includes new pivot pins). Is it time to replace those loose and worn out toggle links?  These replacement hardened steel links also come with new pivot pins. Fits Original 1873...